Deb Gill began Pig and Fish in 2011 as a way to share her passion for functional art through products for everyday living.  Her Maine based design studio operates out of a 1,900 sq ft Arts and Crafts style bungalow which she designed and built in 2006.  This process laid the foundation for Pig and Fish by allowing her to carefully consider the ways in which everyday needs can intersect with art.  It also confirms her belief that living in an artistic environment has value as it resonates with the vitality of the human essence.  At the core of Pig and Fish is this desire to live a creative life.  

If you are wondering about the quirky business name, it is not to be taken literally!  It symbolizes the communication of Inner Truth as taken from an ancient Chinese book of divination.  Being creative on a daily basis and sharing that passion through the product line is at the heart of Pig and Fish.  More than a business, it is a lifestyle where following one's inner truth continually guides Deb as an artist.   It inspires her to design products that embrace both art and function - visually appealing pieces that get touched, opened and used everyday.  

Each handmade Pig and Fish product is an opportunity to share a handmade life.  One where the work of the hand is honored and design is carefully considered as an integral element of living with functional art.  Every item which ships from Pig and Fish's Maine island studio embodies this Inner Truth.  As an artist and designer, Deb finds value in a life where every small detail connects back to the whole experience of beauty and harmony.  


Picture of Pig and Fish's owner and designer Deb Gill.

Deb brings her 40+ years of experience as a woodworker and artist to Pig and Fish.  As the owner and lead designer, she utilizes her knowledge of working with wood and other materials to design pieces which are creative, yet useful within the daily rhythms of life.   Deb's previous work was only available through art galleries and created at a much larger scale.  Pig and Fish has given Deb an outlet to design and fabricate small works of art which can be used everyday in one's home.  She is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design. 


Picture of Pig and Fish's manager Mimi.

Mimi joins the team as our creative collaborator and marketing strategist who cares deeply about cultivating strong relationships with our clients.  She is passionate about the creative lifestyle and likes working with people to build relationships around art.