Who is Pig and Fish?

I have been intrigued by wood and its structural potential even since I was a young girl. Growing up on a small farm in Easton, Massachusetts, my playground was the surrounding woods where dreams of building huts and boats fueled my imagination. Five of my Portuguese uncles were boat builders, carpenters and fishermen: My fascination with building was a natural extension of my rich heritage. I was always exploring my creativity through building ideas, techniques and hands on experience. Art school gave me the chance to explore various mediums. I graduated from New England College of Art and Design and Massachusetts College of Art.
Not long after graduation I was recognized for my natural skills as a woodworker and began working in the field. My experience taught me the fundamentals of working with wood, but never challenged my artistic cravings. What I did discover was that wood was indeed a viable vehicle of expression that could satisfy my creative imagination. Once I gave myself permission to be creative with wood, the connection was made. My art integrates my knowledge of building, designing, painting and graphics; it is a synthesis of my passions and interest.
Many of the materials used in my pieces were once destined for the landfill and got reassembled and given new life once again. This transformation is a fascinating theme I have worked closely with. Whether it is a rusty hinge, an old board with peeling paint, chicken wire, metal packaging straps or discarded copper, the work is a collection and arrangements of objects new and old. Several of my techniques that I have used for my one of a kind pieces are reflected in the pieces offered on my site.
My art is a living expression from my studio/home that I have designed and built, to my gardens that surround it. My hope is to inspire you through my creations.

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